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Superfast 2 55 Mbps guaranteed minimum download speed or money back 20 Mbps maximum upload speed Unlimited broadband usage 24 Months minimum term Phone & broadband line rental included Vodafone broadband router included The Ultimate Broadband Guarantee: The guarantee is our promise to maintain a minimum sync speed, or provide you with money off until it’s fixed. Your sync speed is the speed delivered from the local exchange to your broadband router. On Superfast 1 the Ultimate Broadband Guarantee minimum sync speed is 25Mbps, while on Superfast 2 it’s 55Mbps. If you experience a lower sync speed than we guarantee, you’ll be eligible for a 15% discount while we attempt to get your speed up to or above our Ultimate Broadband Guarantee threshold. If we’re unable to do this, then you’ll keep getting the 15% discount and we’ll talk through your options with you. If you’re eligible, you’ll see a redemption button in the Vodafone Broadband app, just under your sync speed. Tap on this button and your 15% discount credit will be applied to your monthly broadband subscription costs.
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