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17 Nando’s hacks for free and cheap food

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Since 1992, Nando’s has been capturing the hearts of students all around the UK. If you’re wondering how to get your favourite Portuguese meal cheaper, you’ve come to the right place!

Even the most seasoned Nando’s fan will say that there aren’t too many ways to get a discount at your favourite chicken place… but what if we told you there were?

We’re about to show you how to get money off your order, secure secret menu items (think BBQ Peri-Peri and avocado brunch) AND how to have the best time for the least money.

And if you’re just here for the free Perinaise hack – we don’t blame you, but stick around for the rest of the tips as they’re pretty spicy too.

Larger portions of chips are cheaper

We’ve gotta say, the chips at Nando’s make it a 10/10 experience. But did you know that you can get more than double the amount of chips for 40p less if you’re ordering two portions?

If you’re at Nando’s with a mate and you both fancy chips, grab one large portion instead of two small portions. This way, you’ll end up with more chips overall and save some money!

It’s also worth noting that Peri Salt is free, just in case you didn’t want to fully commit to it all over your chips.

Share a whole chicken and save money

Having the same thing as your bestie because you’re twinsies? Goals. Share a whole chicken with sides and save money in the process!

In total, this costs £13.70, meaning the cost per person is just £6.85. To put that into context, ordering just a half chicken at Nando’s will set you back £7.70! Order yourselves a large portion of chips while you’re there and boom, cheaper meal. You’re welcome!

As for the sides and the drink? Read on to find out how to get them both for less.

Swap butterfly chicken for half a chicken

About to order the butterfly chicken? If you don’t mind bones, you’re better off saving some money and ordering half a chicken instead.

A butterfly chicken will cost you £8.25, while a half chicken will cost you £7.70 and give you more chicken for your money. Win-win!

Get free Perinaise

Don’t bother buying Perinaise off the menu – save 60 pennies and ask for some (free) mayo with your meal.

Mix any sauce from the counter with the mayo and you now have your own Perinaise! For free! What a time to be alive.

Garlic chicken burger hack

It’s time to supercharge your regular chicken burger…

Order two slices of garlic bread for £2.60, plus a quarter chicken breast for £4.10. Slot the chicken in between the garlic bread slices and voilà: a garlic chicken burger.

Aside from being a total gamechanger, it’s also cheaper than a regular burger (which is £6.75 on its own). Once you have a garlic bread Nando’s burger, you’ll struggle to go back!

Get a burrito at Nando’s

A true Nando-er will know that the menu doesn’t feature an option to order a burrito. But, what if you could hack the system? You’ll be able to impress all of your friends with this trick…

To get a spicy burrito at Nando’s, order one portion of spicy rice, one quarter chicken breast, one tortilla wrap and a mixed leafy side salad.

Not that we need to spell it out for you, but to create your burrito you’ll need to load up your wrap with the rice, chicken and salad, and then roll it all up.

How to get BBQ Peri-Peri sauce

Never had BBQ Peri-Peri before? The Peri tamer sauce is a tangy, sweet BBQ sauce that comes with the Nandino’s children’s menu. It’s delicious and makes a nice change to your usual order.

The good news is that you don’t need to order a kids meal to get the goods – when you’re ordering your meal, just ask for the Peri tamer sauce instead of the normal Peri-Peri sauces.

Cheesy garlic bread at Nando’s

Yes, it is possible to get cheesy garlic bread at Nando’s. It’s one of the easiest hacks out there, but one of the best too.

To make this masterpiece, you’ll need to order a garlic bread side (£2.60) and a slice of cheese (60p). Sometimes you can ask them to heat up the cheese a little, and this will aid it in sticking to your garlic bread. We’re already drooling at the thought of this deliciousness.

Nando’s breakfast trick

Nando’s breakfast, as far as we know, is only really served at airports. Why is life so unfair?!

But what if we told you that there are some sides you can order to make your own Nando’s breakfast? You’ll need to order: a garlic bread side, an avocado side and a portion of halloumi.

When it arrives, spread the avocado on the garlic bread and top with the halloumi. Add a bit of Peri-Peri salt and you’ve got your own avo-toast brunch. Boujee. And it’ll cost you just £4.90.

If you’re extra hungry, consider adding a side of mushrooms for an extra 80p. It’s a little more expensive than making your own breakfast at home, but probably a lot nicer too.

Make a cheap double chicken burger

You can make your own double chicken burger for 60p less! Yes: More! For! Less!

Simply order a bread roll and two chicken breasts and do the assembling yourself. From what we’ve seen, you’ll also get more chicken by ordering the two chicken breasts separately rather than a double chicken burger.

Order a platter to share

Fancy ordering the same as your mate? Want it cheaper? Don’t order two separate meals – consider ordering a platter to save money.

If you’re both ordering chicken (and not a burger or a wrap), you’d be better off ordering a platter for two, which gives you a whole chicken, sides (either one large or two regular) and two bottomless drinks.

It’s much cheaper ordering this way, especially compared to ordering a half chicken meal each. Don’t believe us?

A meal platter costs a grand total of £22.30, meaning you’ll get the above food and drinks for just £11.15 each. If you ordered everything separately, including the drinks, it’d cost you £14.15 each.

Get cheap Nando’s gift cards

As ever, one of our favourite tips for saving money on eating out is to make the most of those deals!

If you’re a regular Nando’s customer, you may know that Costco sells Nando’s gift cards for less than their face value, automatically giving you money off your next meal without even trying.

Head to Costco to get two £20 Nando’s gift cards for just £34.99.

Emergency services get 20% off Nando’s

Before paying for anything, we always suggest looking for a discount of some kind.

For instance, if you work for the police, fire service, ambulance service or NHS, you’re one of the lucky ones and are eligible for a 20% discount (up to an order value of £20 each day) to thank you for all the great work you do!

If you’re in the Army, RAF or Navy, you’re also eligible for this discount. For all of these discounts, you’ll simply have to show a valid photo/ID card when you order in store. Boom.

Get unlimited refills for free

Who pays for drinks these days anyways? When you order your meal, ask for a water glass and then enjoy free refills throughout your Nando’s experience. Dayum!

If you’re not a big water fan, you can order a bottomless soft drink for just £2.95 instead, or £3.15 for Coca-Cola (damn sugar tax).

Check out other fabulous freebies here.

Max out your loyalty chillies

Loyalty cards can be the holy grail for making savings and getting more for your money, so remember to scan your Nando’s Card every time you eat out (sadly it’s one chilli per day, not per meal).

Three chillis will get your a quarter chicken or fire starter, while you’ll be able to claim a burger or pitta by collecting six chillis. A whopping 10 chillis will mean you can redeem a whole chicken or single combo meal. That’s a lot of free food.

Nando’s rewards expire after a year, so if you’re nearing a reward at the end of the year, we suggest redeeming it before you miss out!

Important: It’s worth noting that when you redeem your rewards, you don’t lose the chillis you’ve earned. So, if you redeem a reward for three chillis, you’ll still have those three chillis and you’ll still be on track to redeem six next and ten thereafter. Stop saving up your chillis and use them to your heart’s content!

Order Nandino’s

Not feeling as hungry as your mates but still fancy tucking into a Nando’s? Order from the ‘Nandino’s’ kids menu to get a favourite in a smaller (and cheaper!) portion.

Don’t feel ashamed about ordering, either! The kids menu actually has some pretty good choices. One of the options, for £5.95, is a chicken burger, with a choice of two mini sides and either a small drink or dessert. Quality.

Make your own Nando’s

Don’t skip on… this isn’t a DIY Nando’s effort (although we do have a guide to that here)! Nando’s use McCain oven chips in their restaurants, so there’s one of your sides authentically sorted.

Nando’s also sell a big range of items from the restaurant in your local supermarket, such as sauces, bake-in-the-bag chicken, Perinaise and more!

If you want to be extra fancy, you can recreate something from their menu, such as the Fino Pitta. For this, you’ll need pitta bread, halloumi, lettuce, mayo, chicken thighs, Nando’s sauce and, if you want to go all-out, some red onion relish.

To save even more money on your food, we suggest making for multiple people if you’re making your own Nando’s, so that you get the most out of the ingredients you buy!




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